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With the Power Mount surface mounts from Power Rail, you can just about add 12v accessories to anything. Using the Power Mounts, simply bolt the mount down, run your 12v and speaker wires between the mounts, connect them to your battery and start adding accessories. All of the Power Rail, push fit locking accessories, including the Bazooka Bluetooth Speakers and Power Pads simply snap onto the surface mounts the same way they do the Power Rail. It's that easy! And just like on the Power Rail, loosen the locking nut and you can rotate your light or speakers a full 360 degrees. Sold in PAIRS

Care Instructions: These Power Mounts are designed to perform when exposed to water. However, water build up inside these mounts combined with constant 12 volt power for an extended period of time can cause electrolysis and corrosion to form inside these mounts. When using these Powered Mounts please insure that the 12volt power wire connected to the mounts includes a switch such that 12 volt power can be turned off when the mounts and accessories attached to the mounts are not in use. Additionally, any accessories that are hung from these Powered Mounts should be removed, inspected for water build up, and allowed to dry after having been exposed to excessive water from cleaning, pressure washing, or heavy rain.

2 powder coated stamped steel mounts, and hardware.
2 Push fit, locking, quick release power ports for attaching the Bazooka Bluetooth Speakers or Power Pads
360 degree ACTIVE rotation.


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