MT-ST-TB2 - Ski-Trac track bar
  • MT-ST-TB2 - Ski-Trac track bar

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Item #: MT-ST-TB2
Reg. Price: $349.95
Our Price: $299.95
MT-ST-TM2 - Ski-Trac tower mount (2" dia)
MT-ST-TM2 - Ski-Trac tower mount (2" dia)

Stainless Steel Ski-Trac tower mount for 2" diameter towers....

MT-ST-TM2.5 - Ski-Trac tower mount (2.5" dia)
MT-ST-TM2.5 - Ski-Trac tower mount (2.5" dia)

Stainless Steel Ski-Trac tower mount for 2.5" diameter...

MT-ST-TM3 - Ski-Trac tower mount (3" dia)
MT-ST-TM3 - Ski-Trac tower mount (3" dia)

Stainless Steel Ski-Trac tower mount for 3" diameter towers....


Rock hard while you ride hard. The new Ski-Trac rider tracking system delivers functionality and control over your sound by allowing the sound to track wherever you ride! No more lousy off axis sound while you’re doing tricks. If you catch a wave and cut right, the Ski-Trac bar will follow. Hit the wake and jump left? The Ski-Trac follows. 360 the boat? The Ski-Trac can do that too, intensifying your run with every note!

The Ski-Trac track bar is a Stainless Steel bar that replaces the rope spindle/pylon on any tower and through using a rope guide will precisely TRACK the rider everywhere they go…thereby allowing whatever is mounted to the bar (speakers, lights, video camera) to always be ON AXIS with the rider for their entire run. Even if they 360 the boat the Ski-Trac bar will track them. The Ski-Trac bar also incorporates a wire swivel for all of the electrical and low voltage connections which prevents the wires from getting all twisted up as the track bar rotates and spins around to follow the rider. Speakers, Lights, Cameras and all other applicable accessories sold seperately.

The Ski-Trac system comes preassembled featuring the Stainless Steel Track Bar with standard and oversized rope guides, nylon bushings to insure smooth rider tracking, built in wire swivel to prevent twisting, and Tower Mounts (sold separately) to fit most tower sizes. Stainless Steel Tower mounts available for 2", 2.5" and 3" diameter towers.

The Ski-Trac bar is pre-configured to work with all Bazooka® Tubbie speakers, but its universal design allows for a seamless fit with any other wake tower speakers.

Only $499 when bundled with our NEW Compression Horn Tubbies. Check out our Ski-Trac Tubbie Bundles and save money!.

Patented (U.S. Patent 8,459,197)


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