MA-AIC-INTK - Interior Kit
  • MA-AIC-INTK - Interior Kit

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Reg. Price: $349.95
Our Price: $269.95


With an Audio Input Control Switch, amplifier and interior remote, our Interior Kit connects all of your audio sources to one central control switch, allowing you to control your music from room - to - room. Listen to your favorite MP3 playlist while basking in the sun on the front of your boat; or keep track of the ballgame on TV while making dinner in the kitchen; or just enjoy peace and quiet in the bedroom. With Bazooka's Interior Kit, your music follows you wherever you go.

No Head Unit? No problem! The Audio Input Control System works with or without a Radio/CD Player. Download a detailed Function Diagram for more details.

A standard Cat5 cable is used to connect the Remote to the Control Switch. Because the length of this cable will vary with every installation, this cable is NOT included.


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